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Al Rehman Garden Phase 7, situated on Saharanpur Road, provides affordable housing options for individuals from diverse backgrounds. Following the success of the first six phases, the developers initiated Phase 7. This well-developed housing society offers both residential and commercial properties and is surrounded by other communities like Shahdara Town, Rachna Town, Barkat Town, Al-Rahim Town, Rana Town, and Peoples Colony. Phase 7 ensures 24/7 access to essential amenities, including water, gas, and underground electricity. It is 70% developed, with properties ready for possession, and several families have already made it their home.

“Why choose Al Rehman Garden?”

  1. Affordability: Offers budget-friendly housing options.
  2. Proven Success: A track record of successful earlier phases.
  3. Well-Developed Community: Features both residential and commercial properties.
  4. Strategic Location: Conveniently situated on Saharanpur Road.
  5. Essential Amenities: 24/7 access to water, gas, and underground electricity.
  6. Ready for Possession: 70% development progress with properties available for immediate occupancy.

“Al Rehman Garden Phase 7 is LDA approved.”

Al Rehman Garden Phase 7 enjoys the distinction of being an LDA-approved housing society, alleviating any concerns investors may have regarding the legality and compliance of this phase.

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Al Rehman Garden offer?”

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“Al Rehman Garden Location”

It is located on Sheikhupura – Sharaqpur Road, near Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 Near Faizpur Interchange



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